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Our Team

Britanico Security Group comprise a team of individuals with extensive experience in the delivery of long term and short term assignments with business leaders, high profile individuals and small to large corporations. We bring together expert knowledge and experience.

Our Approach

At Britanico Security Group our approach is based on the fact that businesses need to work hard to protect their most valuable assets from many potential threats and risks. When the people, families, premises and finanical assets of a company are at risk, companies need to respond quickly and effectively.

Integrated Strategy

Together with a cohesive, integrated approach, leverages our considerable experience in the business, together with use of the latest technology, equipment and methods, results in customer satisfaction and safety.

Protecting Businesses & Individuals Across Latin America


Our team is comprised of highly trained, qualified professionals who were formerly with the British Forces and British Government . We offer many years of experience in risk management and security services provision within South America, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Europe, and the U.K.

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UK Registered

Britanico Security Group is a UK registered company operating within Colombia from its base in Medellin.

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