About Us

Our team is comprised of highly trained, qualified professionals who were formerly with the British Forces and British Government . We offer many years of experience in risk management and security services provision within South America, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Europe, and the U.K.

Our team is experienced in the delivery of both long and short-term close protection assignments with business leaders, high profile individuals and large corporations. We bring together expert knowledge and experience from a comprehensive cross-section of security disciplines to help you diligently assess your organisation’s exposure to risk across all your operations. Our teams are hand-picked from the security elite including the special forces, military, and police, and we can help you plan and deploy measured and sustainable security systems, processes and resources to comprehensively address the specific risks you face, wherever your business may take you.

This, together with a cohesive, integrated approach, leveraging our vast experience in the business and utilising the latest technology, equipment and methods results in ultimate customer satisfaction.