FARC activities fuel post-conflict concerns

The recent reports about Colombian guerrillas allegedly holding an illegal meeting in the southwestern region, while authorities dismantled a corruption ring in the area, has only added to concerns that the region will continue to be plagued by issues even after the conflict ends. Tumaco municipality’s acting mayor Cesar Mauricio Ocampo said the FARC guerillas […]

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FARC militias hand themselves over to authorities in Colombia

More than 100 individuals who admitted to being FARC militias have surrendered to Colombian authorities. The move has led to more debate on how members of this guerrilla army should be incorporated into the continuing demobilisation process. They came dressed in uniforms and carrying weapons and communication equipment which they passed over to the authorities. […]

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Colombia’s Coca Fields Could Fuel Further Conflict

Despite peace talks held between FARC and the Government, the United Nations warn that there is likely to be a conflict as to who controls what aspects of illegal income garnered by production. FARC loosening its control over coca production will be the centre of attention in relation to any post-agreement power struggle. Recent studies […]

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Quick Resolution Not Imminent for ELN Negotiations

Formal negotiations will take place between Colombia’s Government and ELN guerrillas in Quito, Ecuador, although a quick resolution is not expected. Although similar talks are being held with FARC, it is confirmed that these talks will be separate, as both groups have differing structures. Colombian President, Juan Manuel Santos, has confirmed that not talks will […]

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