Oil and Gas

The Oil & Gas sector needs resilient safety, security and technology systems to support its core business, particularly in emerging markets, such as Colombia. As global demand for hydrocarbons increases, the pressure on Oil & Gas industry leaders to venture into more remote and high-risk terrains increases. The threats faced by the sector range from host communities looking to disrupt operations as they seek an increasing share of the rewards that oil & gas developments generate, to criminally or politically motivated organizations that pose active threats to oil & gas infrastructure.

Both state and corporate energy organizations have to work in remote regions where infrastructure is often poor or non-existent and local communities may not be welcoming. The need to deploy advanced safety and security solutions is a pre-requisite for sustaining operations and maintaining personnel welfare using robust technology that can provide businesses with the information they need to manage risk and threats. Safety and security systems must be fail-safe.

Britianico Security Group recognizes the spectrum of risks Oil & Gas companies face, particularly when operating in sensitive social environments, and it has been at the forefront of providing industry leading risk management solutions, to assist clients to operate in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. Our knowledge and experience of the Oil & Gas sector enables us to deliver protective solutions that safeguard assets, reduce operating costs and enhance corporate reputation, helping to improve a client’s overall business performance. We are a trusted provider of risk mitigation services to some of the world’s leading oil and gas companies and associated organizations.