Physical Security

Physical Security

Business Continuity

We help to ensure critical business functions remain operational at all times.

Corporate Liability and Risk Management

We provide the identification, assessment and prioritisation of risks, followed by the implementation of a coordinated plan to minimise potential threats.

Threat Assessments and Security

We identify and assess all potential and existing threats to both your business and your employees.

Close Protection

We provide trained personnel to protect individuals from personal harm or danger, including; kidnap, assault and theft.

Force Protection and Physical Security Enhancements

Following a comprehensive assessment we provide the necessary security enhancements to our client’s existing security systems.

Executive and Event Security

We provide security planning and implementation to both corporate and commercial events, including; conferences, meetings, VIP visits.

Home and Business Static Ground Security

We provide protection to both premises and personnel through the provision of static guard security.

Escorting Cargo and Assets

We provide the safe transportation and delivery of goods from origin to destination.