Security Consultancy

The risks and threats to businesses around the world are constantly changing. In order to determine the right response, your business first needs the right assessment.

Britanico Security Group consultancy provides a thorough assessment of the risks to your business, and plans and tests countermeasures to protect you from those risks.

We are industry leaders in developing a process that takes you from the initial assessment through to the point where a plan or programme can be implemented, while allowing any stage in the process to be handled on a stand-alone basis should it be required.

Britanico Security Group provides the highest quality consultancy services for its clients in order to better understand the risks imposed upon their organisation, people and operations.

We help ensure the safety of staff, executives and private individuals, particularly when travelling to more austere regions with which they may be unfamiliar. Whether working on projects or attending events which may attract unwanted attention, Britanico Security Group works with our clients to ensure safety, security and peace of mind.

Please see our Risk Maps of Mexico and Colombia highlighting high risk areas.