Are New Allegations Another Step Towards Criminal Charges for Venezuela’s President?

As Luisa Ortega, the Venezuelan ex-attorney general declares that she has presented United States prosecutors with evidence to implicate President Maduro, Venezuela’s embattled leader, in fraudulent activities, criminal charges against the country’s leader become one step closer.

Ortega accuses the president of diverting around $10 million from Venezuela’s treasury in a high-value corruption scheme which involves not only Maduro himself but also a number of the nation’s ruling party’s top officials. These accusations come hot on the heels of the former official’s claim that her former government has hired hitmen in order to stop her crusade against the government and her allegations that Maduro is personally making a profit from the food crisis in the country.

Not only is Maduro facing legal problems, his family members are also in trouble with the law. His wife’s nephews, who were arrested by security services in Venezuela last November for drug trafficking, are now being linked to 2 murders which relate to that plot.

These allegations against the president could not come at a worse time. Maduro is currently working to repress opposition through plans to have the security services in Venezuela prosecute as traitors any opposition figures who have been accused of encouraging international sanctions to be taken against the government.

Now, this alleged criminal activity of the president and other senior officials could be a serious weakness which may topple the government should Ortega’s allegations be backed up with convincing evidence. If  US prosecutors have sufficient information to issue an extradition request this could severely impact on the international standing of Venezuela, with potentially crippling financial results that could prove catastrophic for the nation’s people.

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