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Colombia’s Coca Fields Could Fuel Further Conflict

Despite peace talks held between FARC and the Government, the United Nations warn that there is likely to be a conflict as to who controls what aspects of illegal income garnered by production.

FARC loosening its control over coca production will be the centre of attention in relation to any post-agreement power struggle.

Recent studies carried out by the Peace and Reconciliation Foundation conclude that current social conditions partnered with a lack of state institutions that could allow 281 municipalities to become havens for a new incarnation of violence due the vulnerabilities the post agreement puts in place.

A study titled ‘Challenges of the Post-Conflict’ details how municipalities will be vulnerable during post-agreement talks, stating that negotiations alone are not enough, and alternatives should be sought to the illegal economies currently instilled. It is believed that 33 municipalities would be placed within the ‘extreme’ category.

Cultivation of coca increased by roughly 40% in 2014, with similar statistics expected for 2015, which again could be a driving factor in the forewarned conflict.

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