Ecuadorian Border Lab Sparks Fear of Continued FARC Collaborations

Colombian security forces dismantled a cocaine lab in Putumayo, near the Ecuadorian border, showing how FARC, the ‘dismantled’ guerrilla group are maintaining their presence in this arena of drug production.

Colombia’s anti-drug police force, headed by General José Ángel Mendoza, announced to journalists on June 16th that the production plant, discovered in the region of San Miguel, produced over a tonne of cocaine weekly.

The huge complex featured 14 individual buildings and housed 40 workers who produced the drug continuously, day and night.

Huge amounts of the drug were seized in its closure together with weapons, raw materials and explosives. Seizing these dangerous items aids in Physical Security Colombia.

Putumayo is notorious as a region dedicated to drug production and In February, an operation resulted in the raiding of 168 laboratories in just one week.

The plant is another piece of evidence showing that the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia – FARC), still operate in the region intensively, despite the plans for disarmament.

The authorities haven’t released details of which crime group piloted the lab, discovering that the 48th Front carrying out operations in the Brisas administrative subdivision, where the laboratory was found. It’s obvious that the roots of FARC stand strong in transnational crime.

Putumayo’s obvious geographically locational advantage along the Ecuadorian border makes it a centre for drug production. Before the historic monumental peace agreement was signed with FARC last year, guerilla groups utilised the area for trafficking cocaine into Ecuador while utilising the neighbouring country as a safe zone for a quick escape from authorities.

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