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Quick Resolution Not Imminent for ELN Negotiations

Formal negotiations will take place between Colombia’s Government and ELN guerrillas in Quito, Ecuador, although a quick resolution is not expected. Although similar talks are being held with FARC, it is confirmed that these talks will be separate, as both groups have differing structures.

Colombian President, Juan Manuel Santos, has confirmed that not talks will take place, while the ELN kidnaps and holds victims, with two hostages being released by ELN guerrillas as a result.

Delays included the potential of delayed negotiations that would derive from disagreements between ELN leaders. Santos is keen to implement peace into Colombia, but must ensure that no red lines are crossed.

Concerns include as to whether ELN will desist with kidnappings, as it is its main source of income, which could cause the guerrilla group financial trouble moving forward. Discussions between FARC and the Colombian Government have lasted over three years, and a recent deadline of March 23 was missed in relation to its final accord.

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