Transnational Gangs use Online Platforms to Strengthen their Ties

Central American gangs are evolving, strengthening their links with some trafficking groups whilst operating on the dark web.

UN rep Amado Philip de Andrés on drugs and crime in Central America and the Caribbean has raised the alarm that Central American gangs are active in money laundering and cocaine trafficking, citing digital platforms like the dark web as a means to do this.

The dark web allows gangs an encrypted and part anonymous way to facilitate their illicit shipments, according to Andrés. Payments for these can be made using the anonymous, decentralised currency of bitcoins.

De Andrés made parallels between the development of ties between transnational groups and Central America’s groups to Colombia’s enhanced cocaine production in recent times.

The UN official intensifies the opinion that Central American gangs are forging ties with international trafficking groups. The use of the dark web shows they’re entering a digital age where technology assists them in their criminal activities. It is vital to have adequate training in these digital methods, Security Training Services Colombia, to assist in tracking these movements.

The specificity of this relationship remains unclear, though, as one aspect shows evidence that Central American gangs are turning into greater entities in the drug trade whilst some argue that growing revenue from the trade itself is aiding their sophistication. Combined with dark web usage, gangs in El Salvador are counterfeiting maritime cargo seals, showing how they’re growing in sophistication.


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