Video of Possible Extrajudicial Police Killing in Mexico

A mobile phone video which appears to show several possible extrajudicial killings carried out by Mexican police in Reynosa, a city on the border, is just one more addition to the ever-more frequent examples of the way in which corruption paired with an inefficient justice system and a severe lack of sufficient resources is leading to an epidemic in the region of abuses by the security services in Mexico.

The video appears to show an immobilized Chevrolet Equinox which has crashed into a wall. A policeman walks up to the driver’s side of the vehicle and fires four shots without speaking to allegedly “finish off” its occupants. Apparently the melee began when allegedly the suspects opened fire after being stopped by the Tamaulipas-based taskforce. The car chase which ensued resulted in the vehicle crashing into the wall. According to El Debate, three passengers inside the car had survived the crash only to be killed by the police officer’s shots. The security services in Mexico reported that a number of assault rifles and magazines together with tactical gear were recovered from inside the vehicle.

Of course that isn’t all there is to this story, and the video lasts just 28 seconds, however it does appear to be another occasion when security forces have killed suspects outside the scope of the law. With criminal penetration and corruption inside Mexico’s security forces being rife and minimal government spending on resources, it is hardly surprising that in some areas vigilantism is becoming an unspoken policy.

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